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Virtual Office Services

Business in Motion allows businesses and freelancers to use its address as a registered postal or legal virtual office. Perfect for anyone who needs a prestigious address in the heart of Rome.


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Postal Address Service

This service allows clients to use our address for standard mail, packages and business documents which will be stored and forwarded to the client, in accordance with the agreed terms, with maximum care and discretion.

This service is recommended for Italian and foreign businesses and for freelancers who need a prestigious address in the heart of Rome.

Annual contract: € 500,00 + VAT

Legal Address Service

This service is recommended for existing or newly-established professionals, businesses and companies as it allows our address to be used as the legally registered office on official company registration documents.

All postal and other correspondence for the client will be stored in a dedicated secure space and then handed to the Legal Representative of the client’s company or to a nominated person, forwarded via email or certified electronic mail, or sent via agreed alternative means.

Annual contract: € 750,00 + VAT


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