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About Us

The office you need, for as long as you want: Business in Motion has been operating in the business services sector since 1994, helping start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs develop their businesses by providing fully-functioning offices for short and long term rental. All offices are fully equipped with the services needed to run a business.

There are 24 fully-furnished and internet-connected offices of various sizes plus a meeting room, reception, client waiting room and break area.


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Our bright, light-filled offices are located at the top of a historical building on the fifth floor, and can be reached by a lift. In addition to the many lawyers, accountants, psychologists, notaries, IT companies, HR companies and events organisers who have used Business in Motion, we have also had the pleasure of welcoming some renowned film production companies.  Over the years, some of the companies who have worked in our centre include: Taodue, Bianca Film, Cinecittà Studios, Cattleya, Endemol, Lotus Production, Indigo Film and many other production companies for numerous films, TV programmes and series.

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What is the benefit of having a temporary office in the centre of Rome?



Our offices are easily adapted to your needs

No surprises


The monthly costs are fixed

No stress


No costs incurred for set-up, utilities, maintenance, management or cleaning



Our contracts are flexible


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