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A few lines to sum up our ten years of working together. The light-filled room, the availability of the staff, the ease of the metro underneath the office, and of course, the Castroni coffee have all been impressive.

Paolo Marian Erca S.p.A. - Wolf Italia S.r.l - From 1998 to 2008

I am extremely satisfied with the service delivered by N.A.V. S.r.l., as the room is bright and well-furnished with fully-functioning air conditioning; the reception staff are pleasant and efficient which means the working atmosphere is very peaceful; and the restrooms are clean and spacious.

Cristina Cruciani Director S.O.S Multe  

I have been a client since 2005 and am completely satisfied with the service I have received from N.A.V. S.r.l. The reception provides an extremely effective service, the rooms are very well-furnished and I am certain that N.A.V. S.r.l. is the only place in Rome to offer packages which combine a high level of professionalism at a reasonable cost.

Lawyer, Massimiliano Baroni

I would like to offer a couple of words in praise of my residence at Business in Motion with Sagittario Produzioni Teatrali. All aspects were extremely satisfactory: The high quality of services (internet and phone) and the pleasant and professional reception staff who significantly ease the lives of everyone working here. The offices are set up to meet every business need and Dr. Nicola Alessandro Visconti has a trustworthy, pleasant manner and is always available to deal with any requests. I would like to thank everyone for having made my long stay so smooth and easy from a work perspective, and enjoyable from a human one. The fact that I stayed more than ten years speaks for itself - full marks for service and a thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nadia Picchiarelli

I have used the ‘Business in Motion’ offices extremely frequently for work for years now: the location is convenient for me and the people I need to meet, it is well served by transport links and is easy to find, the rooms are bright and comfortable, the receptionists are extremely efficient and very pleasant and the service I receive is always satisfactory.

Chiara Natalucci

The office centre sets the standard for everything that a modern freelancer or business needs. The staff are always on hand and have a courteous, professional manner.

Francesco Covello

A warm welcome, spacious, bright and efficient offices. Pleasant and professional reception staff. Good location and a great ambiance. An outstanding owner.

Anna Cristina Caremoli

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